About Us

Origin of Company
Hy-Fresh Group of Companies is registered under Company Act on 19th June 2002.  The rapid growth and development have given opportunities to Hy-Fresh to become an industry of poultry processing and marketing which is well-known in West Malaysia.  The development of Hy-Fresh can be observed from the transforming of its business activities.
In 1980’s, Dato’ Sri Pua Tian Siong’s family carried out poultry husbandry traditionally.  They carried out poultry husbandry in small scale in Parit Sulong, Johor for total production of 10,000 chickens only.  After that, the increasing demand has enabled them to raise their productivity from 10,000 chickens to 40,000 chickens today.
Due to the rapid development of the Companies, our founder, Dato’ Sri Pua Tian Siong has expanded their business from poultry husbandry to chicken processing and marketing of processed chicken in Parit Sulong’s market.  In the beginning, the limited market demand has contributed only 20 chickens to 400 chickens to the slaughtering process daily.  At present, slaughtering process has increased to 80,000 chickens daily with the help of the expanding market.
Although poultry activity is still the core business of Hy-Fresh Group, the business of Dato’ Sri Pua’s family has been undergoing expansion to many related areas such as poultry processing, the marketing of poultry products, feed milling, durian and oil palm plantation, construction and etc.  The market of Hy-Fresh Group’s products can be found in many places, including Hypermarket (e.g. Giant, Tesco, The Store, Econsave and etc.), Wholesalers, Restaurant, Hotel and so on.